Perceptions of Time

Scientists at the University College London have discovered that an individual’s perception of time does seem to slow when they prepare to make a physical action. The study indicates that in professional athletes, this capacity might be increased.

This is a quote and I neglected to biblio the quote. I wonder however if this perceptual shift accounts for that romantic, fuzzy feeling, all warm and at ease that happens when you are preparing for…you know. I further wonder if

a perceptual shift occurs indicating time is slowing down just before I hold my fist up to punch my neighbor who is acting like an ass and truly, well, anyone would agree with me, right? Does time slow down then? And does time seem to slow down…but there’s the rub. The seeming and the being are the same here such that no one may tell you different. Your sense of time, dragging as when in a job you do not like is the perceptual slow down that takes place just before you jump, you leap to a new position, a new job.

Yes, many applications for this apparent slowing of time…I wonder what Time magazine has to say about it?


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